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Hadi Hosseini, PhD Principal Investigator

Our lab’s research portfolio crosses multiple disciplines including computational neuropsychiatry, cognitive neuroscience, multimodal neuroimaging and neurocognitive rehabilitation. Our computational neuropsychiatry research mainly involves investigating alterations in the organization of connectome in various neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorders using state of the art neuroimaging techniques (qMRI, dMRI, fMRI, fNIRS) combined with novel computational methods (network and multivariate pattern analyses).
The ultimate research goal is to translate the findings from computational neuropsychiatry research toward developing personalized interventions. We have been developing personalized interventions that integrate computerized cognitive rehabilitation, real-time functional brain imaging and neurofeedback, as well as virtual reality (VR) tailored toward targeted rehabilitation of the affected brain networks in patients with neurocognitive disorders.

Elveda Gozdas, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher

Elveda earned her doctoral degree in Physics under Dr. Scott K. Holland's mentorship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital/University of Cincinnati in 2018. There she examined the impact of premature birth and brain injury in infants on functional and structural brain networks using advanced MRI methods. Her current research in the C-Brain is to use functional and structural brain connectivity to develop precision psychiatry metrics related to cognitive decline and attention disorders. In her free time, Elveda enjoys quality time with family and friends, cooking and hiking.

Barbara Avelar Pereira, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher

Barbara completed her PhD at Karolinska Institutet under the supervision of Lars Bäckman, Lars Nyberg, and Alireza Salami. There she used different neuroimaging techniques to investigate functional, structural, and molecular correlates of cognitive aging with a special focus on functional connectivity. At Stanford, she will be working on ways to integrate multimodal data to characterize and better predict Alzheimer’s disease progression. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading, trying out new restaurants, and FaceTime with her dog, Lucy.

Saman Sarraf, PhD
Research Scientist

Saman is a Machine Learning scientist and leader with years of experience in industry and academia, including driving cutting-edge product and project initiatives at Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Apple, Visa, et al. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Northcentral University, San Diego, and an MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from McMaster University, Canada. He also obtained MS and BS degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Science & Research University in Tehran. He is employing graph and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze Alzheimer’s multimodal data.

Lauren Dacorro
Clinical Research Coordinator Associate

Lauren received her B.A. in Psychology from Biola University and is completing her M.A. in Cognitive Psychology at San Francisco State University, where she uses EEG to examine the relationship between emotion and working memory. Before Stanford, she was a research associate at Neuroscape at UCSF under Dr. Adam Gazzaley, spearheading older adult recruitment and assessments. She currently works with Dr. Hosseini and hopes to learn more about neuroimaging and expand her interests in clinical research in various clinical populations.

Hannah Fingerhut
Clinical Research Coordinator Associate

Hannah completed her B.S. in Biopsychology at UC Santa Barbara and her post-baccalaureate certificate in Advanced Biosciences at UC Berkeley Extension. She is interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms giving rise to to dysfunction in neurological and psychiatric disorders and hopes to contribute to research developing novel therapeutics to treat these disorders. Outside of lab, she enjoys painting, running, hiking, traveling, and looking after her planted aquariums and her golden retriever, Luna.

Shayan Nazarifar
Clinical Research Coordinator Associate

Shayan completed his B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at Uinversity of California, Davis. He loves working in the C-Brain lab and believes that working here has had an important effect in determining his future career. He helps with various aspects of clinical research at C-Brain including neuroimaging data collection and data analysis. Outside of the lab he enjoys hiking, listening to audiobooks and playing piano.

Samantha Reitmaier
Clinical Research Coordinator Associate

Samantha completed her B.S. in Psychology & Computer Science at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. She is excited to learn more about neuroimaging and the development of novel technology to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders through her work at C-Brain. She has always been fascinated by the brain and hopes to one day apply her psychological and computational knowledge to simulate human intelligence in machines. Outside of the lab, she enjoys traveling, hiking, running, and swimming.

Emily Schultz
Research Assistant

Emily is an undergraduate research assistant who is currently completing a B.S. in Human Biology at Stanford University with a concentration in Disease Mechanisms and Implications for Public Health. She has worked on several projects in the lab and is interested in learning about how we can use virtual reality and neuroimaging testing to identify neurological disorders. Outside of the lab, Emily spends most of her free time at the softball field, as she is a member of the Stanford softball team. She enjoys traveling and visiting plenty of local coffee shops.

Jessica Welch
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jessica is an undergraduate research assistant who is currently completing a BS in Human Biology at Stanford University with a concentration in the Neural Correlates of Human Development. She is interested in studying how lifestyle factors affect cognitive decline and neurological disorders in older adults. Outside of the lab she is a captain of the Stanford Women’s Field Hockey team, enjoys spending time with her family and is also a coffee enthusiast.

Tanya Watatarastaporn
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Tanya is an undergraduate research assistant pursuing a B.S. in Human Biology at Stanford with a concentration in Neurological Development and Disorders. Her inspiration for studying the brain and behavior stems from her grandpa, her role model who suffered from dementia. She loves working with patients and plans to attend medical school after graduation. Outside of research/academics, she is an artist at heart and loves to make creative masterpieces!

Lauren Hinkley
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lauren is a Stanford undergraduate pursuing a BS Human Biology with a concentration in the Epidemiology of Neurological Disorders. She is interested in studying the development and diagnosis of different neurological disorders. Beyond her work with CIBSR, she is a Co-Leader at the Huntington's Disease Outreach Project for Education at Stanford (HOPES) and a Patient Health Navigator at Arbor Free Clinic. In her free time, she enjoys listening to podcasts, playing volleyball, and going to musical theatre shows.

Stephanie Chao
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Stephanie is a Stanford undergraduate pursuing her B.S. degree in Human Biology with a concentration in Brain Behavoir, Neuroscience, and Bio-Medical Science with a minor in Computer Science. She is interested in how neurological disorders develop and how we can use technology to help further studies of the brain. In her free time, she loves to dance, skateboard, collect succulents and take photos! filling this space with random words so I can see how it looks when it matches the others.

Elizabeth Meyer Michael
PsyD Student

Elizabeth is a third-year doctoral student at the PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium. She is interested working with individuals from across the lifespan grappling with serious mental illness and trauma-related disorders. Outside of the lab, Elizabeth is co-president of the Psy.D. student council and enjoys exploring the beautiful California wilderness.

Becky Poplawski
PsyD Student

Becky Poplawski is a psychology doctoral student at the PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium. She is interested in studying the ways that short-term, evidenced based interventions can improve psychological functioning. Outside of the lab, she provides therapy to clients at a community clinic in Menlo Park.

Kai Alexander
PsyD Student

Kai is a graduate research assistant who is currently completing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the PGSP Stanford Consortium. She is interested in studying risk and resilience in child and adolescent populations and psychotherapeutic intervention. Outside of lab she is a dedicated chinchilla mom.

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Allan Reiss
Stanford - Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Ruth O'Hara
Stanford - Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Michael Greicius

Glen Elliot
Children Health Council (CHC)

Maarten Lansberg
Stanford - Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Joel Kramer
UCSF - Memory and Aging Center

Booil Jo
Stanford - Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

David Hong
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Manish Saggar
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Antonio Hardan
Stanford - Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Stephen Hinshaw
UC Berkeley

Audrey Bowden

Mark Beidelman
Stanford Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

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Child Neurology

Louisa Gosse

Grace Tam
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Sarah Bell
UPENN Medical School

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