Participate Actively Recruiting Studies

A Novel Neurofeedback Training for Children with ADHD

Our research group at Stanford Psychiatry is conducting a new study exploring changes in brain function in response to a novel neurofeedback training. We are looking for children ages 7-11 with a diagnosis of ADHD and/or experiencing attention problems who are interested to participate.

Family will receive an honorarium of up to $300 for participation in addition to complimentary computerized cognitive training. Contact Hannah Fingerhut and Lauren Dacorro at or 650-724-2939 for more information or to enroll. For general information regarding participant rights, contact 1- 866-680-2906.

Cognitive Training Study for Older Adults with Mild Memory Problems

Our research group at Stanford Psychiatry is conducting a study to examine changes in brain function in response to online, computerized cognitive training games (brain training games). We are currently recruiting older adults between the ages of 65-85 with a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and/or experiencing mild memory problems to participate in the study.

The study is trying out whether a certain type of cognitive training helps preserve or improve cognitive function. Half of the participants in the study receive cognitive interventions that we are trying out, and the other half receive a more generalized cognitive training.

There are two on-site visits (each between 4-5 hours) here at Stanford and then 6 months of at home computerized cognitive training 3x/week, 20-30 minutes each time. After the six months, there are two more on-site visits similar to the initial visits.